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Affirmed and Encouraged

Know your worth and work with excellence.

The recognition you deserve will come at the right time.

D.Sellers, 2022

As COVID-19 was in it’s 5th month of impacting everything America knew as normal, our family was courageously launching Glitzy Yard Greetings. The world began to publicly acknowledge the bravery of our essential workers and we wanted to do our part. So, we gifted our first signs to salute our educators, to show appreciation for their service. This blog highlights one of those amazing teachers and someone who is dear to my heart. Here is a glimpse of how Glitzy Yard Greetings touched her just in time.

“I entered the school year operating in a way I never imagined. “You’re on mute” and “Turn your camera on”, was not something I thought I would be saying to kindergarteners. There was no instructional manual for teaching in this virtual space, but I was determined to give each day my best. One morning, I woke up to an unexpected and heartwarming gift, a Glitzy Yard Greeting! I was speechless and affirmed. The love I felt from the custom greeting had me glowing like the sun. I knew that everything would be alright. It reminded me that I was seen and valued. The simple, yet powerful message still lifts my spirits when I think about it. There are times we all need to be encouraged to keep moving forward. Thank you Glitzy Yard Greeting Team for your generosity!”

C.Hill., Memphis, Kindergarten Teacher

Remember Glitzy Yard Greetings when you want to celebrate the essential worker in your life.


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